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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

5 Things You Need in Your Hay Barn

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1.  Hay Fork

A normal straw fork will work okay but having a hay fork has been a life changer at the yard!  It is specially designed to be able to pick up more hay which makes cleaning up much better.

2.  Stanley Blade

This is a simple one for opening hay, haylage and straw bales.  It is just handy to have!

3.  Rake

I talk about rakes being the best tool a little too much!  This is what I use to clean up the hay barn every day.

4.  Leaf Blower

After raking the hay barn I use a leaf blower to 'sweep'.  When you get the hang of it you can blow it into a nice neat pile.

5.  Hay Net Filler

If you have haynets you need this!  I use this for the workhorses at the barn as I don't use haynets.  Haynets are probably the worse part of mucking out for me so I find this very helpful.

6.  Big Garden Bag

I use the big garden bag or agricultural bags to transport large amounts of straw to the stables.  They are also great for taking bag hay or straw to the muck heap or storing bulk amounts of horse feeds.


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