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Monday, 14 May 2018

5 Things You Need to Muck Out A Stable

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1.  Fork

The first thing you will need to muck out is a fork to move the clean straw away and put the muck in a pile.  A normal fork is great for a straw bed but if you have a shavings bed then you should buy a shavings fork.

2.  Broom

A broom is an obvious thing that you will need for mucking out and tidying up the yard.

3.  Spade or Poo Scoop

Now you have separated the muck from the clean bedding and swept to get the last little bits into the pile, you will need a spade or poo scoop to pick up the muck and put it in the wheelbarrow.  I use this one.

4.  Wheel Barrow

Another pretty obvious one, but you are going to need a wheelbarrow to move the muck.  I use this one at my yard along with another muck larger one.

5.  Cleaning Brush

Now after mucking out, you will want to wash out the horse's water bucket or drinker.  I have two of these brushes, one for the horse's water and a second to clean the walls if they are looking dirty.


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