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Friday, 18 May 2018

6 Types of Horse Grooming Spray You Can Use

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1.  Show Sheen

A staple for any grooming kit to add an amazing shine to your horse's coat.

2.  Stain Remover

I just this spray way too often!  With having a grey horse, I have to groom like crazy every day AND use this green spot remover to get rid of any grass and stable stains.

3.  Mane and Tail

Mane and tail spray is made mainly to act as a detangler.  Add this before brushing your horse's tail and spray again after to add some shine.

4.  Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is exactly like the human version.  I mostly use this in the winter when it is too cold to bath my horses.  I usually use it on the mane, tail and along the spine to dry wash the horse's hair.

5.  Plaiting Spray

Plaiting spray is a sticky texture which is great for plaiting.  It makes holding short hair easier and sticks the hairs together making for a neater job.

6.  Hoof Oil Spray

This is a newer type of spray that I have been loving!  It takes away leaking pots and dirty hoof brushes.  All you have to do is spray it onto the hoof!


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