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Wednesday, 30 May 2018

How To Create The Perfect Before Ride Schedule

1.  Grooming

I start by grooming each horse that I am going to ride or exercise.  Grab your grooming kit and get your horse spotless.  I have some very sensitive horses so I need to groom for a while so I can get all of the mud and loose hairs away from the tack areas.  Grooming also helps increase blood flow which helps to warm the horse up.

2.  Walking for 20 minutes

I try to walk my horses for minutes either by hand, lunge or on the horse walker.  Another option is to take them in from the field just before riding.  Warming your horse up before you get on is something that many people don't do.  This means you are not able to massage and stretch your horse before you get on as you must warm your horse up BEFORE you stretch them.

3.  Massaging

I don't mean deep tissue massaging or anything that should be left to the professionals.  I mean just enough to increase the blood flow and make the horse relax.

Have a look at how I massage my horses here.



4.  Stretching

Stretching in another essential in my option and you can do it before and after riding. Just as long as you warm your horse up before stretching and stretch again BEFORE your horse cools down.  Check out how to stretch your horse here.

5.  Tacking up

Tacking up should be done quickly enough to avoid the horse's muscles cooling down but I always tack the horse up calmly.


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