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Thursday, 31 May 2018

How to Give Your Horse The Best Day Off

I know that most people just give their horse a day off in the field but sometimes it's fun to give them a special day.  You could do this after a good result at a show or just as a random day for your horse.  I know not everyone can spend most of the day at the yard but you could still do a few of these suggestions.

1.  Groom in the morning

While doing your rug change whether your horse is in at night or at daytime give your horse a good groom.  Groom him thoroughly with circular movements to give him a little massage while you're at it.  Just spend some time giving him attention.

2.  Out in a Different Paddock

Horses LOVE checking out a new paddock!  My favourite thing to do is to change up the horse's paddocks now and again to a paddock they have never been in before so they can have a good look and a gallop around.  Just be sure to put some boots on them in case they get a little too crazy and hurt themselves.

3.  Treat Scavenger Hunt

Once your horse has settled into the new field, grab some treats or carrots and get someone to hold your horse.  Give him a treat and let him watch you put treats in different places.  Once you have hidden them, let the horse go and watch him go find the treats!  This is great for your horses brain too think of things other than working.

4.  Play in the school

Another great way to alone your horse's brain to think of other things is to let him go in the school and have a play.  This teaches him that he doesn't have to work every time he goes into the school!

5.  An extra Feed in the afternoon

A lot of horses are completely motivated by food!  So on days off or days the horse has been very good I like to give him an extra feed.  It may be his normal food or what I like to do is add some mix into the bucket then put some different treats and a few carrots in.


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