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Tuesday, 8 May 2018

What Type Of Saddle Pad Do You Need For Your Discipline

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Yes, you may need a saddle pad for lunging!  Well, not a saddle pad more like a roller pad.  A roller is used in lunging if you use side reins or a lunging aid (which I DO NOT recommend for beginners, have a few lessons first).  Use one of these to take the pressure from a roller away.


Whether you are flat schooling or jumping, I like to use an easy throw on, easy wash padded saddle pad.  I find this the best for at homeschooling because it is so quick, inexpensive and still padded enough for your horse.


Dressage or Showing

Dressage and show have quite similar saddles which means the saddle pads will be the same shape.  A Dressage saddle pad is made for the long design of the dressage saddle.  No other types of pads will fit your dressage saddle so you will need one of these.

General Purpose

People who ride in multiple disciplines usually will own a general purpose saddle.  This type of saddle is shorter than the dressage design but is not as short or as far forward as the jumping saddle.  With this design, you can ride in any discipline you want without changing saddles.  General purpose saddle pads are made for the GP saddle and are the most commonly used saddle pad.

Show Jumping

A Showjumping pad is great for the forward styled, short and close contact saddle.  A Close contact saddle is designed to be thinner than the usual saddle which means you are closer to the horses back.  This is great for the horse and yourself to feel the slightest movements.

The show jumping saddle pad also usually has shorter billet straps which instead of connecting to the girth straps it connects to the D rings on the saddle.

Cross Country

A Cross-country saddle is similar to the jumping saddle although it is normally designed to be much lighter.  The cross country saddle pad is made much in the same way.  It is made to be light and should not cause any unnecessary extra heat.  This means it is an unusual shape to cut out a lot of excess pad.


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