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Tuesday, 19 June 2018

4 Ways to Become a Better Rider

1.  Stay calm and Relaxed

I have listed this as the first tip because it is so important!  If you can't sit on a horse without tensing up, getting scared or annoyed at the horse then you will not get very far.  It is so important at the start, middle and end of each ride you need to work on your own body and mind.  Without this, things will be very difficult for you AND your horse.  

You need to fully learn how to stay relaxed in the saddle while using your muscles properly.  This can be quite difficult for a start as a tense muscle is completely different from a flexed, working muscle.  

2.  Understanding Your Horse's Actions

Understanding why your horse reacts the way he does and how he thinks about things is an essential part of riding.  If you don't understand why he is a hot horse, lazy or dangerous then you shouldn't be on him.  There is always a reason why horses react in certain ways and we just have to find them.  It is also great to train your horse a trick on the ground to watch how they learn things.

3.  Asking for Help

A self-taught rider is perfectly fine but not having someone watching you to correct things that you don't see is a great way to become a better rider.  Even if that isn't a trainer you can explain what you want to happen and the person on the ground will be able to see your position.

It is also great to get help with your horse.  Once a month ask a trainer to jump on and ride your horse.  You can then get on too and ride with the trainer watching to recreate the way that they rode the horse.

4.  Working on Basics

A good rider should always go back to the basics with their horse.  I have made it a task to work on my basic training, position and mindset at the start and the end of every ride.  It allows the horse to go back to a comfortable mode before and after doing something new and progressing.


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