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Friday, 8 June 2018

5 Horse Stable Toys You Need To Try

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1.  Carrot Ball

This is a great toy for your horse if you would rather treat him with carrots instead of treats.  Simply push the carrots through the holes and let your horse play.

2.  Treat Roll Ball

This is the original style of stable toy.  You put the treats into the ball and the horse will then have to push the ball around to get treats out.  The only disadvantage is that the treats will get lost in the horse's bed.

3.  Scented/favoured play ball

Some horses won't play with this type of stable toy but others will love it!  If your horse picks things up and throws it around then he will like this toy.  It is just a basic ball with a handle for your horse to bite onto.  It also smells and tastes good for the horse!

4.  Twisting Lick holder

This is a great toy that doesn't roll around the stable.  You attach it to the wall and put a likit lick into it.  The horse will then stable there for hours licking the treat.

5.  Hanging Lick

Another original toy is this hanging toy with a lick attached.  This will keep your horse happy for hours as it will is another difficult toy to get the treat.


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