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Friday, 22 June 2018

5 Things To Teach Your Horse BEFORE You Start Lunging

1.  Understand 'Whoa' and Other Voice Commands

I honestly think the first thing you should ever teach a horse is whoa.  It can be very important in dangerous situations but also in training.  When lunging, I like to only use voice commands to stop my horse because they tend to come off the track otherwise.

Other voice commands you should teach them is the basic stand, walk on, trot on and canter.  You can also teach them to go faster in the same gait but this can also be done later when you start lunging them.

2.  Moving Legs

A great thing to teach your horse is how to move their legs in a certain way when you as.  This can be great for getting them on the correct track.  You can teach them to move their shoulders by standing on the left side of the horse, putting the lead rope around the right side of the horse's neck and over the withers.  Then hold the rope, encourage the horse to move to the side at the same time as you put a LITTLE bit of pressure on the rope.  One step is a great start! Remember to do it on the other side too!

3.  Understand Back up

Teaching your horse to back up is a great basic training skill that will really help your horse to understand how training with you works.  It is important for your horse to know this in order to know when they are doing right or wrong.

4.  Be able to lead without Pulling

Being able to lead your horse on a long lead and practise walk and trot without pulling away or running off is an important step before lunging.  Your horse should understand that the rope is loose because he is behaving not for him to tighten it himself.

5.  The Turn

Teaching your horse to do an inside turn is great for direction changes.  Start by hand walking them and then ask him to stand.  Then you are going to turn him towards you and say 'turn'.  Then you can start to do it on a longer lead until finally, he can turn himself when you ask him too.


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