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Friday, 15 June 2018

How To Avoid Fly Bites On Your Horse This Summer

1.  Fly Rug and Mask

The best way to keep the flies off of most of your horse.  If you were to buy anything to get the flies away from your horse it would be a fly rug and mask.  For the parts of the horse that aren't covered by the rug, you can follow the other things below.

2.  Fly Spray And Gel

I use both fly spray and gel to try to cover all the parts that aren't protected by the rug.  I start by spraying the horse with fly spray all over including on the rug.  Then I will take the fly gel on a sponge and start to really coat the horses legs, chest, belly and anywhere else that may be showing.

3.  Indoors

If your horse is very sensitive to fly bites like mine is you should think about daytime stabling as an option.  It may seem like there wouldn't be much of a difference by taking the horse inside during the day but trust me there is.  In Scotland, the flies really only come out when it's a nice day so in the cool areas like stables the flies really don't both our horses.

4.  Pick The Right Field

Picking the right field is a great way to avoid so many flies.  There will always be some but this can really reduce the amount.  Try to choose a field without any trees or bushes.  Make sure the field has always been poo picked in the past and make sure you continue it every day.


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