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Thursday, 7 June 2018

How To Create a Plan For Your Horse Sitter With FREE Download

1.  Make timelines

It is important to keep the same schedule that your horse has with you.  Make sure your horse sitter understands the schedule and that they will have to stick to it.  I usually stick with morning and evening but add the afternoon if you need to.

2.  Rug changes

This is another important thing that people can forget about!  Write down the temperature brackets with which rug to put on.  You can also explain other things like when to put on a fly mask and if he needs stable boots or turnout boots.

3.  Notes

Put random things in this box.  It could be 'put sun cream on his nose in hot weather' or 'take buckets back in from the field after eating'.

4.  Other Things That Need Planned

If you also need to plan other things for the week like feeding and riding I have to covered!  For example, you can write down emergency contacts, vet phone numbers and your contact details.

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