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Tuesday, 26 June 2018

How to Keep Health Records For Your Horse with FREE Downloadable

1.  Worming Schedule

Keeping a worming schedule is an important part of horse health.  Whether you do the worm count yourself or send it away it is worth keeping a note of that too so that you can look back after a year and see if you can find a pattern.

2.  Appointments

I always keep track of my horse's appointments for budget tracking and future reference.  I write down the the date, the appointment type, the price of the appointment, the notes of what happened and what needs to be done in the future and the next date.  These are the most important points that you need to write down in order to keep track of your horse's health. 

3.  Keeping receipts

Another important thing to keep is receipts.  These will help you with insurance, payments and times.  I keep mine in a folder along with everything else. 

4.  Storing Everything

I keep everything for horse care in a folder for each horse.  It is then very easy to find what I am looking for and I don't loose anything.  I personally keep my documents for ever as they can come in handy if your horse has a recurring illness or problems.  I am a bit of a document hoarder so I just like to keep everything even though my horses are healthy.

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