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Monday, 11 June 2018

How To Keep Your Horse Cool This Summer

1.  Shade

It is important to give your horse somewhere cool to go in hot weather.  I personally take my horses into the cool barn during the day so they are fine there but you could just set up a shade for them if this isn't possible.

2.  Water

Giving your horse cold water will really help to keep them cooler plus they will need more water than usual on hot days.  Sometimes I will give my horses (Who are Scottish so don't cope well with the summer months) ice water if they are really struggling to cope.

3.  Ice Boots

Ice boots are a great way to cool your horse off even if you haven't ridden them.  On days that are very hot, I put ice boots on my horses and leave them in the stables.  Just make sure you don't leave them on once they have defrosted as they will start to warm up and start making the horse hotter.

4.  Cold water bath

Cold water baths are something that most owners do when the weather gets good but they don't know about a simple tip that can actually heat your horse up more.  Once you have washed down your horse with cold water you need to scrape off the water with a sweat scraper before it starts to heat up.  The water on your horse will start to heat up from either the sun or just the horses own body heat so make sure you get the water off quickly so the cold water bath actually works.


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