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Thursday, 28 June 2018

The First 4 Things Your Foal Must be Taught

1.  Lead

It is a good idea to teach your foal to learn how to be led by you as soon as possible.  To start, spend some time putting a head collar on your foal and taking it off again.  Now get someone to lead the mum around while you lead the foal.  It will be pretty easy at this point as the foal will follow the mum.  When you feel like the foal is starting to realise that you are holding him, try leading him away from his mum.  Continue to work with him until he learns what to do when he is being led.

2.  Lift Hooves

Lifting all four hooves when asked is very important for the farrier and future owners.  You simply start by asking for him to lift his foot like you would any horse then slowly increase the pressure until he does.  You can also push his side a little at the same time as lifting the hoof as this can help.

3.  Load in a Trailer

To learn your foal to load you first have to have a well behaved, easy to load mum and your foal should also already know how to be led.  Open all the doors to the trailer and simply walk the mum into and back out of the box.  Your foal should follow your broodmare and will usually get more confident the more times they do it.  Once you think your foal is confident you can try leading him into the box without the broodmare.

4. Coming up to you in the field

Another great this to teach your foal is to come up to you in the field to be caught.  If you have a good broodmare that comes to you when you call her this should be enough to teach him but if not you can use food to get them over to the gate and then catch them.


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