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Thursday, 21 June 2018

What's Better: Hay VS Haylage


Advantages -

  • great for over weight horses
  • Easy to keep 
  • Doesn't get mouldy 
  • Is less expensive 

Disadvantages -

  • Can be very dusty 
  • Hard to get in wetter areas (farmer struggle to bale in wet weather)
  • Doesn't have as much nutrients 


Advantages -

  • More Nutrients 
  • Not dusty 
  • Slightly easy to get in wetter areas 

Disadvantages -

  • Bad of over weight horses 
  • Gets mouldy (can't expose to air before using it) 
  • More expensive 

Final verdict

I personally LOVE haylage as it provides better nutrients for my horses and doesn't effect them as much with dust.  It is however much harder to keep from becoming mouldy and off which can be a disadvantage to some people.  However, I have found that avoiding the plastic wrap from being pierced and keeping the bales in side will really help.

Hay is also great if you own a horse has tendency to become over weight.  In Scotland hay is a lot harder to come by but if you are in a better area to get it then is should be affordable.  The great advantage of hay is that if you keep it inside then you should have no problems with mould or it turning bad like you would for haylage.


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