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Wednesday, 27 June 2018

What's Better: Stabled VS Turn Out


Advantages -

  • You can control what they eat 
  • You can keep them safer in a stable 
  • Good for hooves (No changes from wet to dry)
  • The horse stays cleaner

Disadvantages -

  • You are not letting them be a horse 
  • Bad for the horse's legs 
  • Can get cast or injuries from stable walls 
  • Horses will get bored 

Turn Out

Advantages -

  • The horse can be a normal horse 
  • The horse won't get bored 
  • Constant grazing 
  • Good for the horse's legs 

Disadvantages -

  • Bad Weather 
  • Bad for hooves 
  • Can get hurt from running about or gates and fences 
  • Not as much control over how much or what they eat

Final Verdict

Stabling can be great for bad weather, box rest or just part stabling but I don't think it is fair for a horse to be stuck in a small box at all times.  That being said, bad weather, the chance of injuries and not being able to control what they eat is a reason why I part stable.

I think the best thing for the horse is to turn out or part stabling.


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