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Thursday, 19 July 2018

4 Ways to De-Sensitise You Horse For Showing

1.  Props

Whether you are looking to make your horse less spooky at home or you want your horse to be calm at a show there are some basic things that horses are usually scared of.  So practice messing about with things like umbrellas and plastic bags around and on your horse.  You can also do things that meet with your friends so your horse can get to see new people and horses.

2.  Out and About

Taking your horse to a show even if you don't compete can be a really good way to get then used to a lot of different 'spooky' things.  I like to take young horses to shows along with a more experienced horse.  I will just do some school with the young horse around the warm-up school.  Even if you just take them in the horse box and tie them up outside to see the lorry park.

3.  Noises

If you are lucky enough to have a school which has speakers you can play some sounds to your horse can get used to them.  The biggest problem for horse's at shows is that all of the noise of people talking, dog barking, the bell ringing and people clapping is that the horse starting paying attention to them instead of you.  I play all of those noises plus any random ones while training sometimes to train my horses that they need to keep listening to me.

4. Equipment

So for me, I need to show my horse's a huge variety of show jumps so they will never be scared of a certain colour or shape.  This can work the same for eventing too!  You just need to get him jumping and seeing all different types of equipment that you will be seeing at shows.


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