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Monday, 2 July 2018

5 Spare Items You Need To Have

1.  Leg Straps and Patches for Rugs

I think the number one thing my horses brake is their rugs.  Sometimes it is small rips that you can patch, sometimes it's a huge rip that means the whole rug needs to be thrown away or just a leg strap getting torn off.  It is a good idea to have lots of spares ready for whatever happens.

2. Scissors

A bit of a weird thing to have spares of but I am constantly losing my pairs of scissors.  I know I will probably find them in weird places or may someone has 'borrowed them' so I usually try to keep a good few pairs just in case.

3.  Bandages

This applies to both fleece and first aid bandages.  I find that my horses tend to rip fleece bandages pretty often!  I also find that if your horse injures himself and is in need of being bandaged, you are going to need lots of them.

4.  Haynets

Horses tend to be quite rough to haynets!  Shandy will break a haynet within the first month of using it and I'm sure other horse owners find this happens too.  I always try to buy a few haynets every time I need a new one so I don't need to go so often.

5.  Fencing

I feel like horses are great at breaking out of electric fencing which usually ends up in broken fencing wire or electric fence posts.  You can usually get a bulk amount of wire when buying it so you can replace it when needed.


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