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Monday, 9 July 2018

Barn Hacks You Need This Summer

1.  Putting items in the fridge or freezer before using

In Scotland, it gets a little too hot for me to cope so I like to put my items in the freezer before I start using them.  I have put things like my riding boots, tops and sometimes even socks in there!  For my horses, I like to put their boots, saddle pad and sometimes even rugs in the freezer.  The small amount of time it stays cold is amazing for both horse and rider!

2.  Adding Citronella to All of Your Grooming Products

I have a very sensitive horse to fly bites and in the summer flies can be attracted to our favourite grooming sprays.  To avoid this I like to mix some grooming spray with fly spray in a separate bottle.  I have also added some drops of citronella oil straight into the sprays to make it easier.

3.  Keeping Cool Packs in the Freezer

Having a small,second-handd freezer at your yard is amazing for the summer.  I like to keep lots and lots of cool packs in the freezer so I can use them on my horse and myself when we get too hot.  It is also a good idea to keep some in the freezer for first aid only in case someone gets injured.

4.  Keeping a 'Summer Products' box

I am big on organisation at the yard so I like to keep different boxes for different seasons.  My summer time products box includes cooling products, lots of shampoos (like citronella and fly shampoos), extra fly masks and rugs, extra fly spray and gels, spare sponges and a lot of other things.  When summer comes around I like to pull out this product box to be sure I have everything I need.

5.  Using Cooling Gel as a Cold Bath

If you have a cooling gel that you usually use on your horse's legs you can turn it into a shampoo to cool your horse!  It may have directions for doing this on the bottle but usually, I mix it 1 part cooling gel to 10 parts water.  You can add it directly to the horse but that would be a big waste!  I think washing your horse with cool water and mixing some cooling gel it is the perfect way to wash your horse after a hot ride.


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