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Wednesday, 11 July 2018

How to Avoid Your Horse Getting Sun Burnt This Summer

1.  Sun Cream

I would always recommend putting sun cream on your horse's white marking and nose when turning him out on a hot day.  You can get sun cream for horses pretty much anywhere or use a human version as long as you do a patch test 48 hours before using it everywhere.  It is also best to use products with sun protection in them (for example wound cream with SPF).

2.  UV Protection Rug

The best way to protect a horse's whole body is to buy a UV protection rug.  They are usually a fly rug with added sun protection.  I usually put them on every day in the summer as even cloudy days can cause damage to horse's skin.

3.  Shaded field

If you notice that your horse is purposely trying to seek shade on hot days in the field it is a good idea to move them to a field with more shade.  I like to choose fields with buildings or trees to provide more shade.  I personally have two fields at the yard which I use at different times of the year.  I chose one field that has one end of the indoor school and the other field is mostly trees.

4.  Stabled

If you find your horse is getting burnt no matter what you do you may have to stable your horse during the day.  Nothing will 100% protect your horse from the sun so it really depends on how sensitive your horse is.


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