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Tuesday, 17 July 2018

How to Keep your Paddock Clean and Safe

1.  Poo Picking

Poo picking is an important (but very annoying!) part of taking care of your paddocks and therefore your horse.  ideally you should be doing it every day but obviously, this isn't always possible.  As long as you do it at least once a week you'll be good.

Mechanical poo picking seems like it will be a great idea and will save you so much time BUT I actually don't recommend it.  As we have a higher chance in Scotland for grass sickness, it is not a good idea to do anything mechanically to your fields if possible.

2.  Picking weeds

Something that is always annoying in horse fields is weeds.  You can top the paddock (cut all of the weeds down), spray them with something like graze-on or just hand pick them.  I prefer to pick them because again I try not to mess with the grass and soil too much in case it higher the chances for grass sickness or colic.

3.  Checking Fences

Horses like to destroy fencing so it is really important to do daily checks to make sure there is nothing dangerous or no holes so they can get loose.  I just had a stallion at my barn go through a fence (and cut himself badly) because of an escaped mare.  This is so important if you live near any busy roads or, like us, have stallions!

4.  Cleaning Out Water Troughs

I like to wash out my horse's water troughs at least twice a week.  If you have a metal trough then you will probably have to do it more often.  I just empty it out, give it a clean with a water brush and fill it back up.  If you don't have an automatic water trough then just make sure it is large enough for the number of horses in the field and that it is fully filled every day.


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