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Monday, 30 July 2018

3 Things You NEED To Train Your Stallion

Socialising A Stallion

When you get a stallion that isn't trained you need to work on socialising him with other horses (mares and geldings).  Your goal is for him to stay relaxed when he sees other horses.  Stable him next to a different horse every night for a week or so.  Then you will start to walk the other horses past his stable until he stops misbehaving.  Lastly, you can start to walk him past the other horse's and watch to see how he acts.  If he behaves then you have done well but if not then just work more on the tips above.

Respect Training

Respect can be taught in many ways (5 Things You Can Teach your Horse For Respect).  For the stallions in my yard, we do not allow them to walk in front of us (his head should be next to your shoulder).  We also don't just put food into the stable.  The need to be taught to stay out of our personal space so we do the following-

1.  Open the door with the bucket of food in your hand

2.  Send the horse away from you with a point
3.  Wait until he stands still with ears forward, out of your personal space
4.  Give food

It shouldn't take too long to teach him this but you must do it every day.  Once they learn this, they really understand the game and it's so fun to watch them do it.  

More training than the usual horse

The main thing that you need to do with a stallion is making sure he is very well trained.  Stallions that are trained to perfection and have a lot of time spent on them will be a great horse to own.  You just have to train him well and then keep it up for the rest of his life.  Obviously, some stallions are very sweet and easy to handle but some will take any opportunity they can to be naughty.


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