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Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Keep Your Horse Calm at an Overnight Show

1.  Keep the Same Stable Layout

Try to set up the temporary stable in the same layout as your one at home.  So if your water is in the front left corner then put it there in the show stable.  I go to the extreme and try to place everything in the exact right place but you can just do it roughly if your horse isn't so hot.

2.  Keep the Same schedule

Another great thing to do to keep things as normal as possible is to keep the same schedule.  You can either do it by the hour or just by the steps you usually take.  For example, I would feed at 8am, give them hay and leave them for an hour before grooming, hand walking, stretching and tacking up at 9am.

3.  Take the Horses Friend

If you are able to book an extra stable for your horse's friend to come to that will help your horse a lot.  Horses are herd animals so if he has one of his 'herd' with him he will be much more comfortable and confident.

4.  Use supplements to increase water drinking

If you are struggling with your horse because he is too stressed and won't drink or each enough I would recommend using some form of a supplement to help them.  For example, you can get horse supplements that you add to the water so it tastes and smells nice to encourage them to drink.  You could add molasses to their food and carrots stuffed into their haynets.


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