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Wednesday, 18 July 2018

How to Avoid Your Horse Getting Sick at Competitions

Showing can be amazing, stressful or just crazy but it is also dangerous for your horse.  The number of horses that come from all different places can be a risk to your horse's health.  Here are my top tips on keeping your own horse and others safe.

1.  Disinfecting

When you get to the horse show you should try to make sure you disinfect your hands and boots.  The best thing to do is leave clean show clothes in your horsebox so you can use them for the show then you can change back when your heading home.

2.  Your Horse

When your horse is at a show it is best not to allow him to touch other horses.  I also do not touch other horses which I very difficult for me!  If you are living close enough, I always would rather take my horses home every night but I know it's not always possible.

3.  Bring Your Own Tools

I like to bring my own tools so I can disinfect them before and after.  This just means no one else will be touching or using your things.  I usually take a mounting block, mucking out tools and other basic things that I know I will need.

4.  Keeping Things Clean

Another thing that I do at shows is only using my equipment once before I wash and disinfect them.  It works well for one-day shows but if you are staying for longer it will be a little harder.  I will disinfect all of my tools at the end of the day so they are ready for the next morning.


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