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Friday, 17 August 2018

8 Misconceptions You have been taught About Horses

1.  Horses get all they need from grass

There are a lot of people that choose to turn out their horses 24 hours a day.  This can be great for the horse and his mind but he will need extra nutrients added o his diet.  I would recommend getting your grass tested to see what it lacks so you can get the right supplements for your horse.  Every area is different so don't just guess!

2.  You need the gear that everyone else has

I think riders see others using certain gear like martingales, bits or bridles and think it looks good or they need it for their horse.  The truth is you probably don't!  Honestly, you should only need a bitless bridle and a saddle if your horse is trained properly.  It is much more impressive to have a horse go well in not extra gear!

3.  Horse's will not need Vaccines if they are kept at home

I know a lot of people who don't get their horse's vaccinated.  The usual reason is that their horse never leaves the yard.  This may be true but there are lots more ways horses can get ill.  If you ever buy second-hand equipment or have another yard nearby then your horse does need to be vaccinated.  There are lots of ways that horse diseases can be spread like the rider touching other horses, flies going from one yard to another and using second-hand equipment.

4.  Riding

I think a lot of riders and horse owners think the same about riding that I did for years.  You kick to go forward and pull the reins to stop.  Yet my horse would not stop with rein aids and I couldn't understand why.  I moved to a different yard and the owner was and still it very kind and helped me out.  I reason is that you should not need the reins to stop your horse!  You should be able to stop the horse with your seat alone.  Now I can take my horse hacking with just a head collar on and stop no problem!



5. Nutrition

One thing I know a lot of horse owners get wrong is there horses nutrition.  To many people buy some horse food and some supplements and think each horse they own will need those types of food and supplements.  This is simply not true and I actually recommend NOT feeding your horse supplements without a vet and nutritionist agreeing.

6.  Horses Like Stabling

Lots of horses are stabled all the time.  Some owners think that horses prefer being inside as when they are put outside they run around and 'want back in'.  This is simply not true!  Every horse wants to be outside, they want to stretch their legs and play in the field.  The horse will run around if he is not used to being outside.

7.  Using Harsh tools

This is such a problem with so many people!  The thought that you need harsh tools like bits, whips and spurs to 'make' your horse listen to you.  Except that is not true!  A horse will listen to you so much better if he knows that you aren't going to hurt him if he makes a mistake.

8.  Every Horse Has The Same Schedule

Yards are well known to have strict schedules to sticks to so that everything runs smoothly.  This is great for getting work done but some horses will be uncomfortable with a certain routine.


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