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Wednesday, 1 August 2018

4 Things You Need To Do Before Autumn

Buy New Rugs/Wash + repair Rugs 

Autumn brings colder and wetter weather so that means different rugs for the horses.  At this time of year, I organise which rugs I have from last year.  I then will start to wash and repair the ones I already own and buy new ones that I need.

Change Farrier Appointments

As the time changes so do horse's hooves.  With the autumn weather, the horse's hooves start to slow down in growth.  I start making a plan with my farrier to change the time between appointments to accommodate the changes.

Make Repairs

I would recommend that you start repairing things around the yard while the weather is good.  I start by walking around the yard to see what things need fixed and make a note of it.  I will then find someone that can fix it and slowly get them repaired during the next few months.

Clean out Stables

I do a big clean out and disinfect the stables in August so that they are ready for the horses to be in for much more time during autumn and winter.  I follow the things mentioned in this post - How To Keep Your Horse's Stable Clean All Year Long which includes removing the rubber matting, power washing and using a disinfectant.  


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