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Monday, 27 August 2018

How to Keep Your Horse Safe in a Horsebox

Headcollar + Lead Rope

While travelling your horse in a horse box or lorry the choice of headcollar and lead rope is very important.  A good type of headcollar to use is a leather one.  In an emergency, a leather headcollar will break if the horse pulls and it will not cut the horse if he struggles.  For a lead rope I use a quick release one.  It can be unattached from the horse with one hand and they are usually elastic.


Most horseboxes have rubber matting on the floor.  This is great for cleaning and avoiding injuries if the horse goes down but it also gets very slippery when wet.  Adding a good layer of bedding to the floor will really help to keep the grip.


I will always recommend getting your horse box (especially the floor) check out by a professional at least once a year.  I have personal experience with two friends who's horse fell through the floor of the horse trailer when travelling, one horse had a lot of broken bones so was put to sleep and the other had very bad injuries to her leg.  So make sure you have the floor of your horsebox checked as much as possible.


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