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Friday, 3 August 2018

How To Warm-up Your Horse Up Correctly

How your Horse Should Be Working

During this warm up your horse should be in front of your leg, rounding his back and stretching his head down close to the ground.  Near the end of the warm-up, you can start to ask for him to push off more with his back legs and raise his head higher.


It is really important to walk your horse for at least 10 minutes before you move on to faster work.  It doesn't have to be a boring 10 minutes.  You can use that time to get your horse in front of your leg, do some light lateral work or go on a warm-up hack.

Trot + Canter

When I have finished the walking I go into trot and canter.  I like to do short bursts of trot a couple of times before I go into full trot work.  After this, I will do the same in the canter.  Usually, after you have done canter work your horse's trot will improve so I do some trot work again.

After the warm-up

You can now start your riding session.  The is when you bring his head higher and start riding more 'uphill'.  Throughout the ride just remember that you should be doing short bursts of new things before going into the full work.


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