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Monday, 6 August 2018

Increase Your Horse's Stamina With Interval Training

What Is It

You may know about interval training if you work out.  It is increasing and decreasing your heart rate.  Starting slowly and build up the amount of duration and times that you change your heart rate increases stamina, fitness and heart health.  This is the same with horses.

How To Do It

Interval training for horses can be done in lots of different ways.  One style is the following

10 Minutes - walk

5 minutes - trot

2 minutes - canter

5 minutes - trot

10 minutes - walk

This one doesn't really change the heart rate up and down as much as I like so I prefer making a random plan so that the horse's body doesn't get used to the routine.  Here is an example of what I might do -


1 minute - walk

1 minute - trot

30 seconds - canter

30 seconds - walk

30 seconds - canter

1 minute - trot

1 minute - walk

This is for the beginning when your horse is unfit so when your horse gets fitter you can start to increase the duration.  Just remember to change things up every time.

When To Do It

I personally like to do interval training once or twice a week.  It is important to ask your trainer as they will know you and your horse and will be able to tell you how often to interval train.  You can either set it as a full ride OR some people like to merge it with their normal rides so the horse is getting fitter and still learning at the same time.


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