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Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Keeping Your Horse Safe in His Stable


The flooring in a stable is very important for the horse's safety.  It is important that it is a non-slip floor and will not cut your horse when he is lying down and rolling.  I like rubber matting the best although you must make sure it is for horses as some types of rubbing matting will soak up the horse's pee.


If you really want to protect your horse's legs when they are rolling then you can line the walls with some rubber matting.  This isn't essential but some people like the idea.  It will also help to protect your horse's legs if the stable is wooden so he can't kick through.


You can make your horse's bedding to protect your horse more.  Start with building up 2-3ft banks around as much of the stable as you can.  Then make a 1ft deep bed covering the whole floor.


I would suggest getting rid of haynets and replacing them with a haybar or ground feeding.  Also, hang water buckets up off of the floor or use an automatic drinker.


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