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Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Why You Only Need 4 Brushes To Groom Your Horse

Have you been wasting money on grooming kits with loads of brushes and never use them all?  Or maybe you are getting a new horse and need to buy a grooming kit?  Thing is, you only need 4 brushes! 

Mane Brush 

This is obviously for brushing your horse's mane, tail and feathers.  Although it can be used to brush off thick patches of dried mud from the horse's body too.  


This metal brush is what you will use to start grooming your horse.  Remove mud, sweat and a small amount of staining with this.  It can also be used as a sweat scraper to remove waster from your horse after a bath or rain.  

Hard Body Brush 

This is the second brush you will grab for.  With this brush, you will remove the remainder of the mud on the horse's body and legs.  Then you will start brushing in circles over stains to remove them.  

Soft Body Brush 

This is the last step to grooming your horse.  Spray some show shine on the brush and make flicking movements over the body to remove the dust left from mud.  This is my favourite part of grooming my horses because the horse suddenly turns shiny and you can see the dust flying off of your horse. 


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