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Monday, 20 August 2018

Year Long Schedule For Cleaning You Yard


Every day I either sweep or leaf blow the yard once or twice a day.  I will then usually rinse the floor of the wash bay at the end of the day.  I also do some basic checks of drains to make sure that nothing is blocked up and I will sweep the floor in the feed room to avoid rats.

Every Week

Once a week (usually when the horses have a day off) I will leaf blow the walls and roof of the barn.  This is to remove cobwebs and hay or bedding.  Just be sure to avoid birds nests.  I then sweep the tack room and clean any countertops.  I also wash the front  'sweep' the front of each stable just to clean them up a bit.

Every Month

I will clean and disinfect any tools I use to mucking out with and my wheelbarrows.  The wash bay is fully disinfected.  I also love to power wash the yard floor every month.

Every Year

Once a year I do a full clean out and disinfect of the tack room and wash bay.  I power wash the walls and roof and disinfect the whole yard floor.


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