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Friday, 21 September 2018

3 Essentials You Need To Teach Your Horse For Safety

1.  Respect

Teaching your horse respect will really help you to stay safe.  Not only will your horse not purposely hurt you but accidental injuries are less likely.  If your horse spooks, he will already be out of your personal space so you have more time to get out of the way and he *hopefully* won't jump on you.

2.  Emergency Stop

This is great for both riding and falling off.  You can learn how to teach your horse an emergency stop here, you want to teach your horse to stop and wait for you immediately.  Learn how to do this here.  Not only is this safer for you but it is safer for the horse as he will not run away and injure himself. 

3.  Release to pressure

This is for if you are leading your horse and he either spooks or you trip over.  It is important that your horse doesn't pull away from you as it can cause serious injuries to your hands and rope burns.  Start with a rope head collar and a lead rope on your horse.  You can then add some pressure and wait for your horse to release to it then immediately release and praise!  Keep practising this as well as pretending to trip over and any other situation you like.


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