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Friday, 28 September 2018

4 Basic Things Your Horse Needs From You

Know we all know that our horses are ours because of us, not them.  This means we see a lot of horses that are abused in some way because they completely depend on us being good to them.  So before you get a horse, think about what the horse REALLY needs from you!

Horse's are a lot of work to own!   

1.  Constant Forage, Water and The correct Nutrients

Horse's need to graze at all times.  They should be able to choose when they want to eat and not have to worry about when their owner will be here to feed them.  They also need to have the correct vitamins, minerals and hard feed so they can be as healthy as possible.  Fresh, clean water should be available to them at all times.

Dun horse with long black mane standing in a field with a white horse grazing in the background.

2.  A safe and Healthy Place to Live

Your horse should have a safe field to be in either 24/7 or as much as possible with the option to go into a shelter or stable in bad weather.  The field should be properly fenced so the horse cannot escape and there should be nothing that the horse can hurt himself on.  The field and stable should be clean at all times.

Black horse standing in a snowy field eating leaves from a tree

3.  The Ability to seek health care professionals

When your horse needs veterinary care, he should be able to get it asap.  You should be able to provide frequent farrier, physio, saddle fitting and vet appointments when needed.  Horses can hurt themselves easily so be sure you can afford all of those unexpected appointments.

Brown and White horse sticking his head out of the stable door

4.  A constant, kind person

Your horse needs a routine that you will follow every single day.  The better you can follow this, the more your horse will calm.  When it comes to handling, he needs you to be kind and gentle!  We should forget about punishment and concentrate on ALL of the great things that our horses do.

White horse with a rider, wearing a bridle with a show number waiting for a dressage show.


I am not a horse trainer or any other equestrian professional.  I only give advice on horsey topics that I have experience as a horse owner in.  Please don't follow my advice without contacting a relevant equestrian professional.  


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