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Monday, 17 September 2018

5 Things You Need to Keep Your Yard Clean

Keeping horse's at a barn means you need to clean A LOT!  You end up spending more time cleaning than you do with your horse!  Here are some tools you can use to cut down on the time you spent cleaning the yard.

1.  Leaf Blower

My favourite tool for cleaning my yard!!  I currently have this plugin one but as we speak there is a battery powered one (this one) being shipped to my door!  They really help keep your yard clean without spending so much time sweeping.  It is also great for removing old spider webs from the walls.

2.  Power Washer

I like to power wash my yard floor once a month or so!  You won't believe how much dirt has built up on the floor in that amount time AND as a bonus, it is super satisfying!

3.  Rake

I love using a rake to tidy up the excess hay and straw around bales without wasting it.  You can easily rake the hay up and it will leave dust and dirty for you to leaf blow or sweep after.

4.  Broom

This is a staple for any yard although I usually don't use it to sweep the floor.  I use this for cleaning the walls of the stables and barn.


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