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Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Automatic Water Drinker VS Water Buckets: What's best?

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Automatic Water Drinker
You can find one here!

Advantages -
  • No need to refill daily 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Encourages horses to drink more 
  • Won't get knocked over

  • You can't see how much the horse has drank 
  • Medicine can't be added to the water
  • Some horses will not use water drinkers 
  • Much more expensive 

My favourite type of water bucket - click here.  

Advantages - 
  • You can see how much has been drunk
  • Much cheaper 
  • You can add medicine to buckets of water 
Disadvantages - 

  • You need to refill often 
  • Discourages the horse from drinking when the water gets low 
  • Can be knocked over easily 

Which One is Best? 

An automatic drinker is a winner for me.  They encourage horse's to drink enough as a bucket of water when low, will trigger the horse's instinct to reserve water.  You also don't need to refill it which saves time for the owner.  


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