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Monday, 10 September 2018

What To Do When Your Horse Gets Windgalls

Does anyone else have a small heart attack if they find swelling on your horse's legs?  Even if they aren't lame, I get more anxious than I would like to admit!

Let's be honest, no one wants the horse with the bad legs!

Here are my tips on getting rid of windgalls on your horse as fast as possible.

1.  Rest

When a horse gets windgalls, it is fine to ride them but it won't help you out when you're trying to get the swelling down!  The horse can still be turned out but I would recommend at least a few days off to avoid making the windgalls worse.

2.  Cold Hosing

I like to cold hose the area of the swelling of about 10 minutes.  I find this really helps because of the cold water directly on the area which can act as a massage with a powerful hose.

3.  Cooling Gel

You can either use a pre-made cooling gel that is made for horse's legs or you can mix up your own cooling leg poultice.  Here's a quick recipe -

All you need to do is decide on how much you want to make (you can also use this after rides to prevent windgalls).  Then you will mix the ingredients together to a soft clay consistency (or how you like it).  

4.  Ice Boots 

After you have applied your cooling gel or clay, you can wrap your horse's legs with cooling boots.  This will not only keep the gel on but cooling boots really help your horse's legs.  I usually leave the boots for a few hours then wash the gel off.  



  1. You forgot to mention the Vet. Before doing these things, the best thing to do is call the vet. He can drain that thing &inject your horse with Hyaluronic acid or steroids or both. It will speed things up a bit & you can do all the things you posted here to prevent reoccurence.

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