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Monday, 17 December 2018

What You Need in Your Horse's Grooming Kit

I have now done a few posts on horse grooming brushes but we need extra things to keep our horses clean!  Here I have created a grooming kit list to keep things simple!  I personally now use the Lemieux grooming kit and add extras into it.  I used to use the plastic tray grooming boxes but I now prefer a grooming kit bag.

You may notice that there are only two brushes in this list!  These are my favourite brushes to use and I don't think you need any extra ones!  If you want to learn more about only using two grooming brushes, you can read my 'Why You Only Need 4 Brushes To Groom Your Horse' Post.  

Horse Grooming Brushes 

  • Hoof Pick
  • Soft Bristled Brush (for sensitive parts and flicking dust from the coat)
  • Hard Bristled Brush (for removing dried mud)
  • Mane and Tail brush
  • Sweat scraper
  • Large Sponge (for bath time!)
  • Small sponges (I buy cheap baby ones for around the mouth, nose and dock.  I replace these A LOT) 

Red Lemieux Grooming Kit Bag

Horse Grooming Sprays and liquids

  •          Fly Spray and/or gel & Cream
  •         Shampoo (I usually have baby shampoo, horse shampoo and citronella shampoo)
  •         Detangling spray for mane and tail
  •         Hoof Oil

A bottle of wash & show Horse Shampoo

Horse Grooming Extras & showing products

  •          Baby Oil (for putting around the eye and nose area for shine)
  •          Stain remover (especially for grey horses!)
  •         Shine spray
  •          Plaiting Spray (definitely not essential but some of my horses have very thick manes and are hard to plait!) 
  •         Chalk (you can buy a chalk made for horses to make their markings much whiter!  Doesn’t work on horses with long feathers though!)
  •        Soft Cloth (just a piece of cloth that will remove dust from horses coats)
  •         Quarter mark stencils (Stencils that you put on the horses quarters, brush the hair in a different direction then take the stencil off.  You are then left with cool patterns!  These are not essential but I love using them!  People also make quarter marks without these but I’ve never been good at it!) 

A bottle of show sheen for horses


I am not a horse trainer or any other equestrian professional.  I only give advice on horsey topics that I have experience as a horse owner in.  Please don't follow my advice without contacting a relevant equestrian professional.  


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