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Wednesday, 8 May 2019

How to Control Your Hot Horse On a Hack

If there is anyone that can talk about hot horses on a hack, it is me.  My horse Shandy was a complete nightmare on hacks.  He would attempt to bolt in flat out gallop (while throwing random bucks in).  If I managed to hold him back from bolting I would be thrown about while Shandy bucked, reared and spun in circles.  

It was a bad idea for another horse to go in front of him as he had to either be at the front or bucking and rearing.  As I type this, I cannot believe I have the same horse now.  

He now can be walked, trotted and cantered on a loose rein and can be at the back or at the front.  AND guess what?  This was so easy to re-train!  

1.  Training in The School

You will start your re-training in your school as most of the time it starts there.  Work on using your seat to ask for trot by exaggerating the movement that your hips make.  When the horse responds by trotting, slow your rising until he comes back to walk.  this takes some time to train but it will come in handy later.  You can then practice walk-trot-walk transitions with as few trot strides as possible just using your seat.  

2.  Starting slowly 

You should start slowly with a hot horse while doing anything that makes them excited.  Start by walking down the path or road to where you hack to cool down after a ride then turn around.  You can then slowly build up by going 100m more a day ONLY when he is relaxed and happy fun.  Make sure you are always relaxed and give him a long rein by moving your hands forward (instead of letting the reins go in case he misbehaves.  

3.  Repetition

Honestly, the only way to train your horse anything is with repetition with a good rider.  While training an animal, some days will be great and others will be bad.  Repetition is what will slowly turn those bad days into good.  

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